14 March 2018

In over 24 hours, 100 participants, 26 mentors worked on practical ideas for developing a goodie application. During the first business hackathon Leothon organized by Kozminski Venture Lab and Bank Millennium.

What is it all about?

The task of all participants of the event was to develop practical ideas for the development of Bank Millennium startup, that is the goodie application. Goodie is an application that gathers information about available discounts and promotions in selected stores, galleries.

The first place was taken by the Goodiefellas team (Paweł Łubiarz, Bartosz Galiński, Maciej Rybiński, and Łukasz Wojtalewicz), whose idea was to create a loyalty program "Goodie Wallet", which uses elements of gamification and responds to the needs of intelligent shopping.

Kozminski Lions took second place (Kamil Kubica, Oleksandr Marchuk, Piotr Przybylski, Karol Romańczyk), and the project of this team assumes the dependence of the level of discounts on the involvement of users of the application.

The third place was taken by the Quantum Connections team (Volodymyr Manoilo, Daniel Biletski), who used the chatbot mechanism in the application, i.e. a conversation using natural language.

The level of presented projects was very high and equal. Some ideas are really suitable for implementation as separate business projects. Watching on-site how the transfer of ideas developed by students to business can take place in practice was a fascinating experience for me - summarized Ricardo Campos, CEO of goodie.

Participants in the struggle with the tasks were supported by lecturers of the Kozminski University, entrepreneurs, experts in the development of marketing and business as well as employees of Bank Millennium and goodie.

Over 200 participants applied for participation in the first business Leothon.

In this edition of Leothon, we focused on finding business solutions, not just technological ones. We gave participants the opportunity to understand the real business challenges, expand their competences and prove themselves as a manager - sums up Jan Dąbrowski, CEO of Kozminski Venture Lab.

The winning teams received cash prizes - PLN 10,000 for the first place, PLN 5000 for the second and PLN 3000 for the third awarded team. Dinner with Joao Bras Jorg, CEO of Bank Millennium and Ricardo Campos, CEO goodie, were the additional bonuses gained by the winners.


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